How travel has strengthened our bond as life partners


In less than a week, we will be celebrating two years of marriage and togetherness. What a rollercoaster ride it has been, these 730 days! We have had the highest highs and lowest lows together and have been travelling non-stop ever since we tied the knot (well almost!). We suddenly look at each other and feel so much more connected, these two years feel like a breeze just because we were together in this very “real” journey of life!


We look back at those days when we interacted with Bishnoi villagers in Rajasthan, camped under a million stars on the Thar desert, trekked amidst the foggy dreamlike Dhauladhar mountains in a small village of Naddi in Eastern Himalayas, travelled with the locals to little unexplored towns and villages in Fiji, laughed with newly made friends in a beautiful mountain retreat in Uttarakhand, discovered our favourite destination in Sydney for a private romantic getaway , ate street food in KL like there’s no tomorrow, swum in a discreet black sand beach off the Maharashtrian coast surrounded by hundreds of white seagulls, chilled out on a turquoise blue beach in NSW with no one but Kangaroo’s for company, played with seals in their natural environment on a little island in South Australia, discovered a secret short-cut track through a forest in McLeodganj, snorkelled with colourful fishes/corals & exotic purple jellyfish and learnt so much about each other during all these times!


Travelling has got us so close. Just like two peas in a pod! There is no more a separation between what is mine and what’s yours. We have developed our own unique way of exploring places. We have had so many people tell us that we “wasting” money in travelling when we could have saved or invested it. But, we have grown to believe in the saying “Travel- Save- Repeat”. After travelling to so many countries and cities together, we have come to realise one thing strongly: We may not be the richest couple in the world (financially), nor do we own many possessions. But we surely do feel the richest, in terms of memories we have made along the way! We sure have had our worst fights while travelling [mostly on difference of opinion on where to go next ;)], but the innumerable memories we have shared together, all the shit we have been through, kind of overpower all the negatives! Well, the memories of incredible adventures in over 5 countries & innumerable cities in just 730 days totally win it for us, in comparison to all the troubles of (regular) life?

Here are a few things we have learnt (and loved) in the past two years of travelling together as a couple:

  • You learn to fight tough challenges together (life/career/finances/other big decisions) and figure out what your real goals/priorities are
  • You learn to take risks and getting out of your comfort zones(by facing uncomfortable situations while travelling together)
  • You become each other’s best friends
  • You learn so much more about your partner while travelling, because he/she is so relaxed and uninhibited ( a far cry from the fake city life/gadgets etc. that almost force us to be what we are not)
  • You are forced to deal and resolve tough/sudden situations while travelling (delays/ cancellations/ loss/ other last minute issues that pop up)
  • You get to visit some of the most romantic places together
  • You both have a common goal in life (or at least agree on a common one ;)), discover yourselves and what makes you tick along the way and work in tandem in order to fulfill it.


Of course, there is the risk that travelling the world with your partner could be the recipe for disaster, but so could staying at home! The norm is to build a solid relationship while having a stable life together (meaning, living a life where we are earning a lot but not happy inside). But, we love breaking rules and totally believe that following your dreams and working towards them makes you happy from inside. Isn’t that what all should give importance to? Inner happiness?

No one remembers the days spent working in a job they hate or doing stuff they don’t like just to please the world; all that is remembered is the good memories! Memories that arise from doing what you love (with your loved ones), memories that come from doing things to make your dreams come true, memories that come from living your passion…. and for us that is “A life of TRAVEL”. Travel can build a deeper foundation that will hold you steady during those rocky times …We have faced so many turmoil’s and setbacks together in the past two years, and one of the few things that took us through it is our zillion travel memories!

Happy Anniversary Farhan. 2 years of 24/7 with you has been wonderful. Thank you for being you! Can’t wait for the rest of our life (and travel dreams) to unfold 😉



PS: What is the one thing that acts like the rock/anchor for your married life? Also, has travel brought you closer each time (or the other way round?).We would love to know J


Author: nisreenakolawala

I am a former Architect who left her career to follow her heart and passion, which involves travelling, photography and Social media marketing. I have stayed in a rustic village of Eastern Himalayas, swum with colorful fishes and corals in Fiji, lived with gypsy Banni villagers in Western India, interacted with Kenya’s Masai tribe, river rafted in the freezing cold river in Ladakh, lived and explored a quaint beach town of Tanga in Tanzania, took a 48 hour camel safari in the Thar desert of Rajasthan, sailed on a felucca on the mighty Nile river in Egypt and chilled with the Kangaroo’s in Australia. Needless to say I am always adding more experiences and places to the list.