Experiencing the Thar desert ,our style !

Taking a trip to Jaisalmer and going for the Desert safari was the best experience we have had in a long long time! The fact that we got to stay in a living fort for part of our trip and sleep under the blanket of a million stars for two days was the highlight of this trip! We stopped by to see some of the villages on the way and also had a look at how locals cook food. After our jeep took us to the desert, we rode for 2-3 hours on the camel in the day before lunch after which we rested for a bit under the tree at noon before heading to the Thar desert for our overnight stay. We suggest you go for this trip with an open mind and heart!
You may get to stay in the best of resorts around the world but nothing can compare a friendly host at a breathtaking rural and offbeat place in India or sleeping under the blanket of stars! 
This trip is more suitable for adventurous couples and solo travelers without kids as it may get tiring and involves staying in rustic accommodations without luxuries.


Jaisalmer, known to be the golden city of Rajasthan is one of my favorite city simply because everywhere I go, every place I look I see golden yellow sandstone buildings carved in minute detailing. It inspires me to know that I am walking around a “Living Fort”, a phenomenon very rare! Jaisalmer is also known for its many colorful streetside/fortside shops selling Rajasthani embroidered stuff, silver jewelry, antique artifacts etc. And if you still require another reason to go to Jaisalmer here it is; its very close to the Thar desert of Rajasthan(where you can go for a desert safari and sleep under the stars, if you are the adventurous kind)

Thar Desert

It is here that one can enjoy the camel safari. Just us and our camel in the vast deserts of Rajasthan, passing by quaint villages, colourful people, herds of deer, eating hand-cooked food made right in front of our eyes by our very own desert boys aka camel riders, sleeping under the shade of a sole tree in the hot afternoon as we watch our camels graze around, watching hundreds of sheep and goats pass by us grazing on the shrubs around, sleeping under a million stars and waking up to a breathtaking dawn! We loved Thar desert for all this and more. 🙂


For all you people who love doing the offbeat, why not challenge yourself and try going to a haunted village in Rajasthan for a change. This is where the departed souls of the people who had to leave the village unwantingly, centuries back; come at night!


Author: nisreenakolawala

I am a former Architect who left her career to follow her heart and passion, which involves travelling, photography and Social media marketing. I have stayed in a rustic village of Eastern Himalayas, swum with colorful fishes and corals in Fiji, lived with gypsy Banni villagers in Western India, interacted with Kenya’s Masai tribe, river rafted in the freezing cold river in Ladakh, lived and explored a quaint beach town of Tanga in Tanzania, took a 48 hour camel safari in the Thar desert of Rajasthan, sailed on a felucca on the mighty Nile river in Egypt and chilled with the Kangaroo’s in Australia. Needless to say I am always adding more experiences and places to the list.