What makes India so Unique as a travel destination?

What makes India so unique as a destination? Is it its history and ancient civilization? Is it it’s spiritualism? Is it a culmination of forests, valleys, snow-clad mountains, golden deserts, backwaters, tribal villages? What do you think sets it apart?

I think it is the people of India. They are the ones that give soul to every destination in India. More than a billion people! When I think of my travels and memories in India, I think of the smiling faces and the warm welcomes I received. I think of leisurely walks in villages where homes may be small but hearts were big. I miss the yummy meals I was served; made from the heart.

Each and every one of you who have ever gone to India or are dreaming to travel this enchanting land, allow your heart and soul to be opened. Opened for new interactions, new love, new friendships and unlimited hospitality. Live with the locals, understand what makes them tick, eat what they eat, experience how they live. Isn’t this what real traveling is all about? Hell yeah!