Photo Journal: 7 Photos to inspire a winter trip to Bilpin

Come winter and Sydneysiders are on the lookout for new and exciting places to visit. Winter usually means chilly winds, crisp cool air and rains; and beachside places can get very chilly. Here’s a new destination you can plan your next winter staycation in, Bilpin. It is located in the Blue Mountain area and has some beautiful landscapes, never seen before. Whats more, you will find a number of cozy and luxurious homes to pamper you and your family. While I have already written a detailed guide about why you must travel to Bilpin in winter, here are 10 colourful photos to inspire your next trip to this quaint little town located within the Blue Mountains…

Boulevard of trees in Bilpin


Luxury Country homes complete with fireplace

IMG_0208 (1)

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Landscapes that looked straight out of a movie scene

Bilpin Landscapes

Lovely greenery even in the peak of winter

Bilpin winter

One would certainly love to get lost amidt the woods in Bilpin

Look at those eye-catching colors!

Colors of Bilpin

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Just perfect for those romantic walks in the woods

Bilpin Landscapes

And look who we have here, for added company 🙂

Cows in Bilpin

Have you been to Bilpin too? Please do share your experiences with me below.