Where they roam free: Masai Mara

Having come from a country where I had always seen wildlife in zoos, here I was face to face with the African wildlife (this time, us in enclosed vans and them free- like how it should be!)

I had always heard stories of the enchanting African wildlife since I was young. Zebra’s, African Elephants, Hyena’s, Jackals, Wildebeest, Giraffes, Lions, Cheetah, Deer and so many more…all under one roof? Is this for real? Am I going to really be in one of the world’s biggest animal paradise? Hell Yeah! So here it is, my adventures of animal safari in Kenya’s Masai Mara!

My first impressions of Masai Mara:

It was the peak of Summer in December, when we went for safari to Masai Mara. The grass was lush green, we could see young ones of Elephants, deer, wildebeest, hippo, giraffe and lion all around. As soon as we checked into our safari lodge, my heart was racing in excitement thinking of the days to come.

Early next morning, we started our safari, in a specially designed jeep with a top deck so we could stand with our heads popped out and watch in amazement, the “real” animal kingdom of our dreams! Our guide cum driver was alert to every sound and footprint, knowing exactly where we were more likely to catch a glimpse of the big 5.

And look what I saw first..

I first caught sight of the wildest beast of them all, yes you guessed it right…a pride of Lions. There they were, in the middle of our muddy track; taking a sip of the cool water of a water body nearby. Completely oblivious of the fact that so many safari jeeps surrounded them, giving us a real feel that they ARE really the king of the Jungle!



Hidden behind the branch of a tree, was my next wild animal

We moved ahead, hoping to catch a glimpse of any other animals, our eyes looking keenly at every movement of grass, every crackle of leaves nearby. Just as we thought we will never get to see others, we spotted a leopard hidden under the branch of a tree. “Shhhh, please talk softly, lest we may scare the leopard,” our safari guide told me, looking at the way I shrieked in excitement! I couldn’t believe my eyes, and my body responded by giving me goosebumps! Am I really watching a leopard in real? My happiness peaked knowing that there are chances I will get to see other such magnificent animals in my days in East Africa.

The vast stretches of Savanah grassland surely took my breath away

As soon as we drove another mile or two, we came across this beautiful vast golden stretch of grassland. I was falling in love with this Savanah region I had studied in the childhood of. Trees with their branches spread wide, acres and acres of golden green grassy lands and wild animals roaming freely! I wonder if our future generation will get to enjoy these beauties in their purest form. For all those who don’t know yet, Africa is been going through illegal poaching for years and so many animals are now on the verge of getting extinct. I plead all of you to support the rights of all wild animals and raise your voice against poaching of any sort. They deserve a right to live as freely as you and me.

Zebra crossing Savanah grasslands
Watch out, Zebra crossing ahead


Who would know that I would also get to see a lion eating its prey…live!!!

Lion eating its prey in Masai Mara
Lion eating its prey in Masai Mara

My first interaction with a cute (not so tiny) family:

Whilst getting lost in my thoughts and absorbing the raw beauty of the Savanah, I spotted a family of Elephants. It was the cutest sight to see, a Mamma Papa and newborn baby Elephant. No matter how huge were these African Elephants, they treated their baby with the same tenderness and love as we do. Bidding adieu to the cute little family, we moved ahead.

Elephant with its baby in Masai Mara,Kenya
Elephant with its baby in Masai Mara,Kenya

Remains of the great African Migration:

Our safari guide also took us to the Mara river, famously known for one of the crossing points in the great African migration that happens in July August every year. Though we missed the migration, we could clearly see the after-effects in the river. Hundreds of wildebeest carcasses that couldn’t survive and lost their lives in the stampede that would have taken them to greener pastures. Carnivorous birds, sat all around hoping to get a feast of their lives. The Mara River, a major source of water for all the animals in hot summer months was also where we spotted so many Hippos, Crocodiles and buffaloes.


The remains of the great African Migration
The remains of the great African Migration

Alls well that ends well!

My safari trip to Kenya was more than successful. We got to see not only the big 5, but also Giraffes, Zebras, Flamingos, Hyenas and so many more wild animals. Who knew that my childhood dream of seeing animals in the wild, would come true in such a grand way! We visited and stayed at Masai Mara, Lake Nakuru, Aberdare Wildlife Park, the Rift valley, Nanyuki, Mombasa and Nairobi. Keep a watch on my future posts, for more such personal travel experiences over the years!


Giraffe family in Masai Mara
Giraffe family in Masai Mara

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