Autumn in Mount Wilson NSW- A photo blog

I have always fantasized being amidst colourful Autumn trees all around me. So when Autumn arrived in all its glory, I couldn’t stop myself from researching the best places to enjoy Autumn, close to Sydney. Mount Wilson near the Blue Mountains was a place that kept popping up in my reads, so my partner and I decided to head here to see the beauty for ourselves. Sharing with you all a few pictures of the same. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.


Here are few other pictures of the colourful and magical Autumn we witnessed in Mount Wilson:

Here are some more details if you want to head to Mount Wilson this Autumn:


Mt Wilson is about 2 hours drive from Sydney and around 45 minutes from Katoomba. A right turn at Bell onto Bells Line of Road, and then a left turn onto Mount Wilson Road will get you there.


Mt Wilson is best in the autumn when the leaves turn brilliant shades of yellow, orange, pink and red. There are gardens that open to the public during the autumn festival period. Plan your time well in advance though, it does get very busy in the peak of Autumn which is mid-April to end April. However, there will be pockets of colour that hang on longer than others. The photos below were taken in the last weekend of April and show the best colours I was able to find. If you find the gardens are too busy, do not worry. The roads leading up to the garden, and surrounding it are filled with unlimited Autumn beauty to fill your heart’s desire.

In April-May each year the village holds its annual Autumn Festival. Many gardens that aren’t open year-round will open only during this festival, and its a great time to visit regardless of photography. Make sure to visit early in the morning if you want to beat the crowds, and you will get the best colours if it is a bit overcast or rainy with the colours popping out.


Mt Wilson is a small town – you can probably cover most of the roads in an hour or two on foot – but there is a multitude of sights to see around it as well. You can explore the little towns near Mount Wilson or visit the Turkish Bath Museum, Mount Irvine, Anglican Church and the many gardens located around. Here are few I can think of Yengo Sculpture Gardens featuring Australia’s first endangered wildlife reserve, Nooroo including a world-famous wisteria collection, Breenhold, Sefton Cottage, Windyridge, Bebeah, Mount Tomah and Merry Garth. Some of these gardens are almost 120 years old!


Have you also visited different parts of NSW in the search for that perfect photographic opportunity? Please do share with me any of the places you recommend. I have heard about the amazing Autumn beauty in Blackheath and Orange as well. I would love to see your pictures if you have been here 🙂

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