The little moments…

2020 brought the entire world to a standstill.  While others kept busy working from home and cooking gourmet food, my lockdown took me back to the little moments that were a highlight of my childhood experience. When life was simple and carefree. Miss those beautiful moments..

I missed the simple comforting life I enjoyed while growing up with mum in Mumbai. Being the non-extrovert and sensitive “only” child, my life always revolved around my mum and my friends. Mum was (and has always been) my best friend. I remember going out with her to beaches and beach hotels, shopping, exhibitions, lunches, movies and travel. In fact when none of my friends were around, she would not think twice to come and play badminton with me ( no matter how much her back would hurt later).

The best things in life aren’t things

As I grew up, I started getting closer to my friends. Junior college life for me was my first brush with independence and freedom. I realised that there is a world outside the (protected) bubble I lived in all childhood. All the new friends,  freedom, came with a price. I started spending lesser time with mum on weekdays. But weekends we would make it a point to go out together, either for completing an errand or just galavanting across our favourite spots around the city.

It’s amazing how little things like these almost become the highlight of your childhood experience.  Today, when 90% of international borders are closed to travel I wonder when will I get to enjoy these little moments once again with my parents, who reside thousands of kms away from me.

Author: nisreenakolawala

I am a former Architect who left her career to follow her heart and passion, which involves travelling, photography and Social media marketing. I have stayed in a rustic village of Eastern Himalayas, swum with colorful fishes and corals in Fiji, lived with gypsy Banni villagers in Western India, interacted with Kenya’s Masai tribe, river rafted in the freezing cold river in Ladakh, lived and explored a quaint beach town of Tanga in Tanzania, took a 48 hour camel safari in the Thar desert of Rajasthan, sailed on a felucca on the mighty Nile river in Egypt and chilled with the Kangaroo’s in Australia. Needless to say I am always adding more experiences and places to the list.